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Curious about Chatbots / chat bots?

What are chatbots?

Its 2018 and its likely that you have been hearing about the chatbots/ chat bots in tech events or you have been using one. So what are chatbots?

The word chatbot or chat bot is a combination of two words chat and robot (bot for short). This chat robot would be configured in a way to automate answering messages on your behalf!

When you read/hear the word robot immediately the idea a physical robot comes to mind, but robots are not just that. The idea behind robots is automation, so a robot in that sense can be a software that automates a series of tasks. In that sense a chatbot or a chat robot is a software that can automate the process of responding to messages usually through text (voice is starting to play a big role) on your behalf.


Since a chatbot would be responding on your behalf, it is necessary that we give a chatbot a persona. Think of it as hiring someone to do a certain task on your behalf. You would give that person a job description. Same for chatbots. Each chatbot will be given a job description and a matching persona to perform a specific task! Not all chatbots are the same and not all chatbots are created equally! Depends on on the your specified need!

Think chatbots are new?

here is an infographic developed by futurism for a full history of chatbots.

Where can chatbots be integrated?

A chatbot can be integrated into your website, app or your social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Slack, Telegram, KiK and WhatsApp. A business can have one or more chatbots deployed on multiples channels

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