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7 Benefits of Having a Chatbot

Reasons why you should have a chatbot right now!

Besides from being available for your users 24/7, 365 days a year (no sick leaves, no holidays) and the fact that it will never lose its temper and will always maintain a calm attitude, chatbots have many benefits. Here are the top 7 benefits of having a chatbot

1. Reachability


With 64% of users saying they prefer to message a business rather than call/email. chatbots gives you this! Let your business be reachable at any time of day through your users' medium and manner of choice!

2. Increase Revenue


Give your online users a personal assistant that would guide them quickly to the right product and/or service.

3. Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage

Customers will always choose the vendor that requires the least effort to get the product. Adopting a chatbot is a winning strategy! The constant online access will give you privilege especially that latest statistics show that people are shying away from contact through phones.

4. Marketing and Engagement Beyond Clicks

value of positive conversations

Conversation and relationship building is significantly more effective than a simple ad or video view as the interaction leaves users with an entertaining experience, a better understanding of the brand, and a positive emotional feeling .

5. Increase Brand Loyalty

increase loyalty

The more personalized the information you give to your clients is, the more they will remember you… Adopting a chatbot can provide personalized communication with your clients and thus they become the winning channel of communication.

6. Virtual Agents

virtual agent

The chatbot will act as your personal agent, answering clients in their language of choice at the time of their choice. A Chatbot will grant you market access where language is a barrier.

7. Understand your Clients

understanding data

Visual big data analytics will give you the luxury of understanding your clients every move, how they react, their purchasing patterns and decision making factors. These behavioral indicators will directly affect the business decisions and trends you follow which are crucial to sustaining continuous growth

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